New tank cleaning facility Cleaning Overberkel

We are able to announce that the first cleaning procedure with our new tank cleaning installation has been succesfully performed. After months of planning and weeks of preparations the project, in which we used pre-manufactured components, has been finished. By putting our new installation into use Cleaning Overberkel can remain to guarantee a high tank cleaning quality.

To minimize the disturbance for our regular activities and remain operative during the construction, pre-fab containers were placed directly onto our location. The biggest part, the advanced engine rooms, are pre-installed by our supplier.  The remaining pipelines and connections could be replaced and improved within a week.

Our new cleaning facility is more environmentally friendly by the use of modern improvements. The installation cools down the wastewater used in the process and converts it to heat up new water.

Specifications of our new installation:

  • Assured cleaning quality according HACCP and EFTCO
  • European Cleaning Document (ECD) after cleaning
  • Re-use of residual heat of wastewater
  • 75000 litre extra waterstorage