Liquid feed transport

Baks Logistics is a modern company with a strong focus on quality, service and flexibility

The transport of liquid feedstuffs and raw materials is a complex process. There is much more to it than just moving from A to B: the type of product, shelf-life, viscosity, loading and unloading method, previous load, whether the tank has to be cleaned, type of cleaning, duration of the trip, tonnage and much, much more. Our planners have to deal with all these aspects when carrying out a transport order. Our planners see it as a daily challenge to ensure all transports run smoothly.

Working efficiently and safely is an important aspect in our daily routine. All our dedicated feed road tankers are fully equipped with compressors/pumps, sufficient hoses and clutches to unload even the toughest products independently, quickly and at every location.




Transportation of feedstuffs and raw feed materials have strict laws and regulations to ensure the quality of the products. We are therefore certified according to GMP + FSA (Feed Safety Assurance), ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 22000. Our services for feedstuffs and raw feed materials have the GMP+ status as specified by the GMP+FSA module. The services are carried out by well-educated drivers and with special tank trailers.