About us

Baks Logistics is a modern and dynamic (inter)national transport company, specialized in transport of liquid food for humans and animals.

Baks was founded as a service provider for all farmers in the neighborhood of Borculo. The first activity our founder Anton Baks started was milk transportation from local farmers to the local butter factory.

Nowadays Baks Logistics is specialized in the (inter) national transportation of liquid products. On a daily basis we operate throughout Europe and provide high quality services for well-known brands. We are known for our reliability, quality and service. We achieved our current position by focusing on value added services and building long term relationships with our customers.

Baks Logistics is part of the Baks Group. Within this group each individual company has a strong relationship with the production, trade and transportation of foodstuffs for humans and animals.

Our experienced employees are well educated and work according to the latest quality and safety regulations. We invest in our employees because they are the most important asset of our company.

Baks Logistics operates according to the latest guidelines and strives for continuous quality improvement. We operate with passion for our customers, employees and the environment.

Baks is more than just a family name

Translated from Dutch, the family name BAKS is known as an acronym of our core values:

B Betrouwbaar = Reliable
A Accuraat = Accurate
K Kwaliteit = Quality
S Service = Service