Liquid food transport

International transport of liquid foodstuffs with a strong focus on quality, service and reliability

Baks Logistics is specialized in transportation of liquid foodstuffs throughout Europe. Our main destinations are Western-Europe based but no destination is too far. Our customers are well known international brands. Food safety and retaining product quality is one of our main concerns during transportation.

Working efficiently and safely is an important aspect in our daily routine. All ourĀ  food tankers are fully insulated to preserve the products at the right temperature. Our road tankers are equipped with compressors/pumps, sufficient hoses and clutches to unload even the toughest products independently and quick at every location.

Our chauffeurs are well educated, motivated and are using a fleet that meets all modern requirements. We employ Dutch personnel that is able to communicate well in English and/or German. To ensure our high quality services we have our own Quality Insurance Manager who also educates our chauffeurs. One of our efforts to drive more economically has been awarded with the Dutch Lean and Green Award.


Why Baks Logistics?

  • Reliable
  • Precise
  • Quality
  • Service

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Quality Control

Delivering and ensuring high quality services has to do with extra attention to details. To meet the latest regulations, our chauffeurs receive training and education from our own Quality Manager or an external training organization.

We are happy to see our quality empowered by the certificates and rewards we have received throughout the years. Some of the most import ones are: ISO, GMP+, HACCP (ISO 22000) and the Lean and Green Award.