Certificate PayChecked in Transport

Since 20 june 2017 Baks Logistiek is certified according to the “PayChecked In Transport” regulations. Baks logistiek is one of the first tank transport companies in Europe to receive this certification. With this certification we guarantee our customers that they are doing business with an unquestionable and fair transport firm.

Since 1 januari 2017 the Dutch Civil Code has been expanded with an business chain responsibility for fair payment of salary towards employees. In this new law clients of dishonest transport companies are responsible for fair payment of wages as well. The law is applicable for:
• Agreements to transport goods by road
• Agreements to do transport of goods by road (also called an expedition agreement).

An employee is allowed to recover the liabilty of overdue wages upon the clients of dishonest transport companies. These clients are then liable for payment of the overdue wages.

To obtain the Quality mark “PayChecked In Transport” inspections are carried out by independent inspection organizations on regularly basis. This quality mark, set up by TLN and EVO, checks among other things for:
• Payment of the full minimum wage
• Payments of wages by bank transfer
• Clear wage slips
• Compliance with collective agreement for transport companies